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The Pathway teacher(s) are here to help our student athletes with learning and staying on track or ahead of assignments. They acts as teachers, individual tutors, and guidance counselors to ensure the academic success of all our student athletes. We understand each students learn differently, so we do our best to identify their strengths and weaknesses to find the best way to help them be successful in the classroom. We take their academics success very seriously. This is the only way this program can work.

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The Pathway teacher checks students progress daily to determine the best schedule for the day (and week). The teacher also make sure the students are staying on task and following their schedules, so they do not fall behind.

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Our students are required to complete 6% of their classes per week. Sometimes students do fall behind a little. When this happens, we act immediately by notifying the parents and finding additional time to complete the assignments (this can be replacing a training session or staying after class to do the work).

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The Pathway teachers will always do their best to help every student succeed in the classroom, however sometimes the student will have to get tutoring outside Pathway. We will help you find and hire a tutor to work with your student athlete. We will provide the parents and students with information about where they can get tutor help and find resources to help students study and prepare for TESTS, QUIZZES, FSA , and SAT/ACT.

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this is a fun and competitive way to motivate and reward student to excel in the classroom without making anyone feel inferior.(DONE DISCRETELY)

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The teacher will be in constant communication with the guardian and student to make sure they are staying on track. FLVS will notify the parents, the athlete, and the Pathway teacher if the student is falling behind or if there are any concerns.

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