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The heart is the engine, however your mind is what controls that engine. Knowing this we take mindset and character development very seriously. It is what separates the players who make it and the ones who do not. We continually emphasize the importance of emotional control to our student athletes.  We aim to develop high performing and mentally strong human beings with exceptional character. They are the future!



You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

Creating a focused environment with like minded players working towards the same goal is perhaps the most important part of the pathway program. We eliminate majority of the distractions that will impede our athlete’s development, meanwhile intentionally building their confidence, focus, and motivation to be their absolute best with thoughtful and engaging activities.



Social & Emotional Development

Our goal is not to only to develop professional players, its also to develop well round young adults that have the skill sets to confidently take on life’s challenges. The students will have an in-house class focused on social and emotional development (SED). We will discuss topics such as:

  • Leadership Skills and Growth Mindset

  • Communication skills with different people (very important)

  • Independent Behavior / Self Reliant/ Resourcefulness

  • Social Problem solving/ Conflict resolution

  • Taking criticism and how you react

  • Diversity and change

  • Basic and common etiquette

  • Empathy, Mindfulness, Kindness

  • Building strong lasting relationships (friendships)


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Serving Our Community

At Pathway we to teach our students the importance of giving back to society/community, helping others, and how to interact with people of different backgrounds. We require our athletes to complete at least 20 hours of community service per school year.

PATHWAY works closely with habitat for humanity to help build houses, clean parks and beaches, and help people who are in need. We participate in fundraisers such as cleats/shoes drives and collecting supplies for disaster relief. We also work with pre-schools where our student teach young kids the basics of soccer.

Reading List

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The mind/ mindset is the most important factor when striving for greatness. We have a required reading list this year, above are some of the books that are on the reading list for this school year.

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