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Financial Aid

We provide resources to help you finance the Pathway School. We have a limited amount of financial aid available to those that qualify. For families applying for financial aid, your financial aid award is based on a number of factors, including your family’s demonstrated financial need, your academic profile, and the availability of funding. Families are not required to complete the financial aid application to be considered for a recruitment-based scholarship but we recommend you do.

STEP UP FOR STUDENTS - up to $7000

Step Up for Students is a 5013 nonprofit in Florida providing low income students, bullied students and students with special needs with scholarships to help pay tuition for private school, assistance to attend an out of district public school, or for tutoring, textbooks or therapies.


INCOME BASED - up to $2000

This is your Services Page. It's a great opportunity to provide information about the services you provide. Double click on the text box to start editing your content and make sure to add all the relevant details you want to share with site visitorsThis scholarship provides up to $2000 in financial aid to low income students. This scholarship is based solely on your level of income. Please download, READ INSTRUCTIONS, fill out, and return via email or drop off. 



    Call to ask how this works

    Call to ask how this works

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