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Creating a focused environment with like minded players working towards the same goal is perhaps the most important part of the pathway program. We eliminate the distractions that will impede our athlete’s development. Meanwhile we intentionally build their confidence, focus, and motivation to be their absolute best. 

Our Pathway students have an in-house class every week to work on social and emotional development (SED COURSE). In addition to their meditation and yoga classes which helps with mental clarity and calmness. Our goal is not only to develop professional players, it’s also to develop well round young adults that have the skill sets to confidently take on life’s challenges. 


The players train twice a day; a morning session to focus on developing their technical ability and an afternoon session to increase athleticism and conditioning. Intensity and workload is closely monitored to avoid over-training, and to ensure the players can excel at their club practices and games. Pathway is a compliment to club training and practices

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